This customer had a water heater leak in their garage. This not only flooded the garage and the stand on which the heater sat but also the walls and flooring on the other side of the stand. They called our office and spoke to our friendly, office manager. She asked a couple of questions to find out the severity of the water damage. She then passed this information on to our water damage restoration technician. We try to get out to our customer’s homes within an hour as we know that the longer that this water stays in your carpet, walls, flooring etc. the more damage it will do. The first thing that you, the customer, will need to do is turn off the water to stop the leak or flooding. In most cases, if the customer doesn’t know where the leak is coming from or they do not know how to turn off the water themselves they will have a plumber out to find the cause of the leak. Upon coming onsite our technician will take thermal images and moisture readings of your home. This will help him find hidden water in your walls or ceilings and give him the information needed to dry out your home as quickly as possible. Once he has come up with a dry out plan he will begin the dry out process immediately. If there is any standing water in your home our technician will begin by extracting as much as possible. From there he will set up our water damage equipment to speed up the dry out process. We use the top of the line equipment such as air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers. These tools will run twenty four hours a day until your home is completely dried out. Our technician will stop by every day to monitor the dry out process and as soon as it is completely dry he will stop and pull the equipment. We take credit, debit, cash and work with all insurance companies if you need to make a claim. Call our office today if you have any questions or find yourself in need of our water damage restoration services at (602) 362-4883.