If you experience water damage our technicians will use top of the line moisture meters to detect moisture levels in your ceilings, walls and floors. These readings will help the technician determine the best course for getting your home dried out as quickly as possible. Microbial growth can develop in as little as 24 hour which poses a serious health risk to you and your family. Making sure that your home is dried out is our priority and we will check your moisture levels every day. Call our office for questions about our water damage restoration services at 602-362-4883.

Tonopah, AZ is located approx. 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix on the Tonopah desert. Desert dwellers understand that water conservation is crucial to protecting this precious resource for future generations. If you’re looking for ways to lower your water footprint as well as your monthly water bill try the following four tips in your home:

  1. Toilets: Did you know that toilets are the most water consuming device in your home? If you are using your toilet as a way to get rid of tissues, dead bugs, or other small trash you are wasting a lot of water.Ā  You can upgrade your toilet to a more water efficient model and most water companies even offer rebates for the installation of these toilets. Make sure you check monthly for leaks. Most toilet leaks are silent and can waste a large amount of water before you notice.
  2. Faucets: Inspecting faucets for leaks should also be done monthly. If you let water run while you are brushing your teeth or shaving you are wasting a lot of water. Try filling a cup to rinse your mouth with when you are done brushing your teeth. If you are shaving you can fill up the sink and rinse your razor. This will save you a lot of water each month.
  3. Showers: Showers definitely use less water than taking baths. Filling a bath tub can use as much as 70 gallons of water. You can reduce your daily water use by trying to keep your showers to 5 minutes or less. You can also purchase and install a new, water efficient shower head to help you conserve water.
  4. Washing Machines: It’s pretty obvious that your washing machine uses a lot of water. Make sure you have a full load before washing your clothes. And re-use your bathroom towels to help cut down on the number of loads you are washing which will help you conserve water. Check with your water company for rebates on new, water efficient washing machines.