Leaky pipes or overflowing toilets can cause property loss. Water intrusion can be very destructive. Water can damage walls, ceilings, floors and other places that you may not notice or have easy access to. If leaky pipes are in the walls you may have to remove a portion of your drywall to fix the pipe and then replace that part of the wall. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of tearing out and replacing any walls due to water damage.Ā  Our company accepts credit, debit or cash for out of pocket payments and we also work with all insurance companies for those who are making a claim. For questions abut our services call 602-362-4883.

Stanfield is a census-designated place in Pinal County, Arizona. As desert dwellers we know that water conservation is extremely important to preserving this precious resource. Thirty percent of water use is from inside your home. Try some of the following ideas to lower your water footprint as well as your monthly water bill. Make sure you are checking for water leaks, especially if you have a water softener. If leaks go unnoticed they can waste up to thousands of gallons of water per month. A slow leaking toilet, which are often silent, can waste a large amount of water. Check your toilets monthly by doing a simple food coloring test. You can also install a new toilet. Old toilets from the early 1990s use twice as much water. New toilets flush better and with less water. You could also replace your shower head. Installing a WaterSense-certified shower head can save water, depending on how long you shower. Some ideas on the more expensive end to save inside would be to replace your appliances. You can save water by choosing a high efficiency, Energy Star-rated washing machine or dishwasher. And a tank less water heater can provide hot water on demand. This saves water wasted during the pre heating.