When you remodel your home and take out a wall you will be left with holes in your carpet. You maybe thinking that you have to rip out and install new carpet but that is not the case. Using extra remnants that you have onsite or taking matching carpet from the back of a closet our skilled and experienced technicians can permanently graft that carpet into the areas that are missing. As you can see in the pictures the results are superior and we saved this customer not only time but money as well by being able to repair their carpet. Feel free to call our office for questions about our services at 602-362-4883!

Eleven Mile Corner is located next to Case Grande, AZ in Pinal County. Being desert dwellers we know that we have to change our lifestyle when it comes to water usage. Water conservation is a must as we need to ensure that our communities, wildlife, industry and agriculture here in Arizona continue to thrive. Western Resource Advocates shared some of the ways we can secure our water supply for future generations:

  • integrating land and water planning to produce water smart new development, where new buildings and landscapes are designed to use less water;
  • using captured storm water and rainwater for irrigation and other uses;
  • installing fully efficient outdoor irrigation, using less water to sustain desirable outdoor landscapes;
  • reusing 100% of our waste water (including recycled drinking water);
  • setting strong conservation goals (such as using 40 gallons per person per day for indoor water use);
  • providing detailed personal water use information so homeowners can make better water conservation decisions;
  • increasing commercial and industrial water use efficiency;
  • dedicating some conserved water to staying in rivers for recreation, fish and wildlife.

Arizona residents, farmers, businesses, and wildlife are all in this together. By committing to and emphasizing a suite of innovative water management tools, we can quickly, cheaply and effectively ensure Arizona continues to be resilient and thrive in the face of continued droughts, less water from over- allocation of the Colorado River, and climate change.