This client had some flooding in their home causing the carpet pad and tack strip to be ruined. We replaced all the tack strip and the carpet pad that was damaged from the water then re stretched the carpet. We use a power stretcher for all of our carpet stretching. We stretch both the length and then the width of the room, cut off the excess and re tack it all back down. All of our carpet stretching also comes with a two year warranty. Once the carpet has been stretched back into place our technician will clean the carpet. We use a truck mounted, hot water steam extraction cleaner with a neutral rinse to provide a zero residue finish. We also use a botanical disinfectant with all water damage jobs. This disinfectant will kill 99.99% of all bacteria and fungi and it’s safe to use around pets and small children.

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Water Conservation in desert communities like, Chuichu, AZ, is extremely important. Chuicu is located in Pinal County which is Arizona’s third-most populous county. Being responsible with your water use and finding ways to implement small changes at your home can have a huge impact on your water footprint. Did you know that your home’s toilet accounts for about 30% of indoor water use? Start by replacing inefficient fixtures and appliances with efficient ones. Look for products that carry the EPA WaterSense label. These types of products are 20% more water efficient than average products. The other 70% of your water use is from outdoors. Try using the following four steps to save water outside today:

  1. Water your plants between sundown and sunrise to reduce water lost to evaporation.
  2. Water small plants (like ground covers) to a depth of 1 foot, medium plants (like shrubs) to a depth of 2 feet, and large plants (like trees) to a depth of 3 feet.
  3. Water away from the trunk of a tree – at the drip line of your trees.
  4. Water by the weather by changing how frequently you water based on the time of the year.

Water conservation is a lifestyle in Arizona and as residents we should think about water every time we use it.​