In most cases, when you experience water damage, the technician will have to pull up your carpet and remove the wet carpet pad and tack strip from underneath. Once the sub-floor and all surrounding areas have been completely dried out and all drywall and baseboard repairs have been completed our technician will come back to finish the restoration work. He will install new tack strip and carpet padding, power stretch the carpet back into place and then he will clean the carpet. He will also use a disinfectant made from pure botanical and renewable plant extract ingredients called Benefect. This disinfectant is used in hospitals and will kill over 99.99% of bacteria and fungi. It is also safe to use around children and pets.

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Desert communities such as Bapchule, AZ understand the need for water conservation. Located in the Gila River Indian Community south of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, this community has a large amount of sunshine year round. Education is the most powerful tool when it comes to conserving water. The Arizona Department of Water Resources Conservation Program offers conservation assistance, outreach and education as well as information on conservation resources and regulations. There are links to Public Resources, Landscaping, Technologies, Kids’ Education, Water Planners & Providers, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Agriculture that provide resources, tips and training. Practicing a low water-use lifestyle will help ensure a long-term, sustainable water supply for future generations. By reducing your water use you can decrease your energy use, your monthly water bill and help preserve the environment. According to AZDWR, on average, Arizona residents use about 145 gallons of water per day. Up to 70% of that water is used outdoors (watering plants and lawns, swimming pools, washing cars, etc.) especially in the summer months, with the remaining 30% used indoors (bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc.). By implementing simple changes in your home you can help reduce your water footprint which will make a big impact on conserving this precious resource.