There may come a time when you have experienced water damage but you don’t even know it. If you have a busted pipe or a leaking air conditioning unit you may not notice the damage right away as the water may be under your flooring, behind your walls, or on the outside of your house. Some visible signs that may point to water damage in your home are water accumulation, discoloration, changes in texture and or odor. You may see water stains, bubbling or cracking in the drywall and even peeling of the paint or the wallpaper. Your flooring can warp or buckle and sometimes even expand. If you notice a musty smell this could be a sign that microbial growth has begun to develop. Drywall acts like a sponge, absorbing water and this becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold. Once you determine you do in fact have water damage you need to find the source of the water you will need to locate and turn off the water. Then call a trusted water damage restoration company such as Phoenix Water Damage Services at 602-362-4883! Our experienced technicians are here to help!

Conserving water at your home in Ak-Chin Village, AZ can be done with just a few simple lifestyle changes. Check out the following resources from Arizona Water Facts for tips on you to reduce your water use:

Did you know that April is Water Awareness Month? Now is the time to start implementing small changes at your home that will make a big impact on conserving this precious resource. By reducing your water footprint you are not only lowering your monthly water bill but protecting our water supply for future generations.