If you have water damage from a leak or from a flood it is extremely important to get everything dried out immediately to prevent microbial growth. Microbial growth can develop in as little as 24 hours. This customer had a water leak into her closet. The technician had to pull up the wet carpet and remove the carpet padding and tack strip that had been affected. Then he set up the air movers and dehumidifier to start the dry out process. This equipment will be checked by a tech every 24 hours and will run continuously until the affected areas are completely dry. Once everything is dry, the restoration process will begin.

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Have you been thinking about ways that you can conserve water at your home in Coolidge, AZ? There are several simple changes you can make to help reduce your use of this precious resource. Try contacting your city utility department for a water usage audit. You can also inspect for leaks which are usually a quick fix and you can look into low-use water landscape ideas. Not only will these changes help you conserve water but they will also reduce your monthly water bill.