We went out to our customer’s home to stretch their carpet and as the technician pulled up the carpet he realized that the padding underneath was wet. This indicated to the technician that there was a water leak. Upon observation he found that the water heater in the garage was leaking and had soaked through the wall into the next room. Of course this lead to shutting off the water and starting the water damage restoration process. Water heaters can leak for several reasons including sediment build-up inside the tank, a malfunctioning thermostat, or corroding fittings. In order to prevent the water heater from leaking it is a good idea to have a regular maintenance schedule. It is recommended to inspect your water heater every 6 to 12 months.

If you have a home in Casa Grande, AZ and are interested in learning more about water conservation click here. The Arizona Water Company is now offering free water conservation programs to it’s customers. You can request an internal water audit and receive a written conservation recommendation, learn more about drip irrigation and water saving tips for homes or apartments. Water conservation helps preserve our environment and reduces your monthly water bill.

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