While in Las Vegas for the Nexus Trade Show we were able to see exciting industry reveals of new and improved equipment like the Everest 870HP Truckmount. This combination of Prochem and Sapphire Scientific innovative engineering will provide serious power for the most serious cleaning and restoration companies. Offering maximum extraction, ample hot water, four-settings with high pressure and chemical simulator. Plus, it has an economical system that decreases fuel consumption by up to 23%. High-quality truckmounts like these play a big part in making cleaning and restoration companies, like Phoenix Water Damage Services, a success.

Have you been looking for ways to conserve water in your Maricopa, AZ home? With just a few simple changes you can cut back on your water usage and reduce your monthly water bill! For indoor savings you should inspect your home every 6-12 months for leaks. According to the EPA, the average household loses more than 10,000 gallons of water each year through leaks.Thankfully, most leaks are a quick fix. Take a look at your city’s website for more ideas on water conservation and to see what water conservation classes are available.