Thermal Imaging is just one more way that our Water Restoration company goes above and beyond to provide superior service for our customers. With thermal imaging we can provide comprehensive and accurate information which will help you get your property restored efficiently. These images will also help your insurance adjuster start working on your claim right away. Moisture shows up cold on a thermal image and that temperature change is not visible to the naked eye. These images will help reduce the time needed when assessing an area for moisture.

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Living in desert communities like San Tan Valley, AZ you know that water is extremely important. Taking steps to conserve water at your home can help protect this precious resource! Arizona Department of Water Resources is a great website that offers a lot of resources for the public, for landscaping, for kid’s education and also for commercial and agriculture. They say “On average, each Arizona resident uses about 145 gallons per day. About 20 percent of the State’s water supply is for municipal use, and most of this is residential. Up to 70 percent of that water is used outdoors (watering plants, swimming pools, washing cars, etc.) especially during the summer months, with the remaining used indoors (bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc.). Residents that incorporate water efficiency into everyday life help to preserve water for future generations.”. Take a look at simple changes you can make that will help conserve water and reduce your monthly water bill.