At Water Damage Restoration jobs there is a high possibility that our technicians will have to remove carpet, carpet padding, drywall and insulation. This removal can kick dust and mold spores into the air. In order to keep those particulates from cross-contaminating other parts of your home our technicians will set up a containment wall. This wall will provide a durable floor to ceiling protective barrier that will help reduce the clean up process as well as the restoration costs. The containment wall also allows the remainder of your home to be used normally without interruption.

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Sun Lakes, AZ is a wonderful desert community for adults. Living in the desert reminds us that water conservation is important to preserving water for future generations. Take a look at the website, Arizona Water Facts, for more information and for ways that you can help. Simple lifestyle changes can have a big impact on reducing your water usage and your monthly water bill.  We must all do our part to incorporate these conservation changes to help protect our most precious resource.