Water Damage in your home not only affects your flooring but often times your walls as well. Sometimes you may see visible signs of the water damage but in most cases it is invisible to those not specifically trained in Water Restoration. When our technician comes onsite he will use a moisture meter to determine the presence of water without putting holes in the wall. Once wet walls are identified, drying equipment such as,dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubbers, will be used to dry the walls as quickly as possible. If there is insulation which cannot be dried then the tech will remove the damaged portion of the wall along with the insulation to allow for rapid drying and prevent the growth of mold. It is important for the customer to recognize that the drying equipment must operate, without stopping, throughout the drying process.

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Simple water conservation changes at your home in Sun City West, AZ can have big impacts on lowering your water use.  Reducing your water usage helps meet future needs, decreases energy use, helps preserve the environment and reduces your monthly water bill. For tips on lowering your water use Arizona Department of Water Resources is a great website to visit. They have links for Public Resources, Landscaping, Technologies, Kid’s Education, Water Planners & Providers, Commercial, Industrial & Institutional and Agriculture.  Take a look at what you can do to help preserve water for future generations!