If your home has experienced water damage it is extremely important to dry everything out as quickly as possible. Dry time usually takes 2 to 3 days for an average size home but if your property has been exposed for an extended period of time, it could take as long as 5 days. It is also important to have a water restoration technician monitoring the moisture in your home because at first glance it may appear that the walls and floors are dry but they can still be wet. Building materials such as drywall and wood, are porous and will retain water. If this water is not dried out it can cause additional damage, like warping, swelling, and mold growth.

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If you live in Sun City, AZ then you know that water conservation is important as we live in the desert and drought conditions are a real thing. But did you know that your water company, EPCOR‘s, website has a lot of great resources including educational information, conservation tips and neighborhood workshops? They even offer a free conservation kit which you can sign up for by clicking here. Taking small steps at home will reduce your water use and your monthly water bill.