We use top of the line equipment to control and assure quality workmanship for our customers. We just added new Axial Fans to our line-up which will be a tremendous asset to our business. Axial Fans are designed for moving high volumes of air across large spaces and they produce a lot of airflow. This will enhance evaporation during structural drying jobs and provide air circulation and ventilation. These fans are for use on big or small jobs, indoor or outside. These fans are loaded on our vehicles and ready for our next water damage restoration job.

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Living in the desert means that water conservation is extremely important to preserving our environment. There are a lot of resources available to the residents of Anthem, AZ to help you reduce your water use. You can visit Arizona Water Facts for tips, ideas, news and events.  Our supply of water is limited and our population continues to grow. Conservation efforts and changing to a low water-use lifestyle will help ensure sustainability of this precious resource for ourselves and for future generations.