Our customer called us complaining that there was an odor coming from her master bedroom carpet. She had experienced a water leak but the carpet had “dried” out and she wanted us to come clean it. Upon arrival we took moisture readings of her walls and flooring and discovered that the area was not dry but still very wet. The unpleasant odor was emanating from the stagnant water. As you can see in the picture there was also visible signs of excess moisture in the sub-floor. It is important to always have a Water Damage Restoration company out to your when you experience any type of water leak. This will not only cut down on the damage to your home but also on the repair costs.

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There are some really great resources available for conserving water at your home in Youngtown, AZ.  You can take a look at the following websites for tips, videos and information about reducing your water usage: Arizona Water Facts, Water – Use It Wisely, and Arizona Water Awareness. You can also visit Water Footprint Calculator which will help you estimate your total water use. Making simple changes to a low water-use lifestyle is a way that you can help ensure a sustainable water supply. This will preserve the environment, decrease your energy use and reduce your monthly water bill.