You may assume that a water leak would be easy to find and something you’d notice right away. Unfortunately, that is not always true. The leak can be hidden behind walls or under flooring. Knowing what to look for will help. There are several signs that mean you are or have experienced water damage. The most noticeable sign would be standing or pooling water. This can happen from your appliances or A/C malfunction or even from a leak in your roof. Another sign would be discoloration where your walls or ceilings show wet spots or yellow, brown or copper stains. Your drywall may also bulge or the paint may begin to peel. Of course, once your drywall becomes wet it is the perfect place for mold to develop as it acts like a sponge. This can cause odors as well as discoloration, usually black spots. Flooring can also show signs of water damage such as warping, buckling or swelling.

If you suspect that you have experienced water damage we are your trusted water damage restoration company and are here to help. We will respond within one hour! Call our office at 602-362-4883.

Take a look at the town of Queen Creek‘s website to find out more about conserving water at your home. You can find out about water saving tips, how to request a home water audit, landscaping guides, etc.Ā  The city also provides free water-smart workshops. These classes will not only help you reduce your water usage but also your monthly water bill. Take a look at the upcoming classes by clicking here.