Phase 2 of a Water Damage Claim is Drying. The drying phase starts by using a moisture meter to accurately detect water and moisture pockets within a surface, such as flooring, walls and ceilings. After moisture readings have been taken and documented the technician will come up with a plan of action. This drying plan is critical to reducing further damages which helps you save thousands in repairs. The following is a sample drying plan:

  1. 1st 24 hours – reduce the Relative Humidity from 68.7% to 40%. Science has proven that damages are reduced drastically when structures are at 40% or below, following a water damage.
  2. Set Air Movers. Air Movers should be set p every 10-15 lineal feet based on industry recommendations.
  3. Set Dehumidifier based on size and industry recommendations.
  4. Set up containment wall. Containment is a clear plastic that will cover the area from floor to ceiling. This will reduce overall drying time and keep dust and particles contained that are exposed from the air movers.
  5. Return approximately 24 hours later to determine if the Relative Humidity goal of 40% was reached. The technician will also re-position air movers as needed to continue drying.

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