Upon arrival the water restoration technician will assess the damage and make a plan to return your home back to pre-water damage condition. Water damage claims happen in three different phases: Mitigation, Drying and Repairs. Today let’s take a look at the first phase. According to FEMA Mitigation is, “the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters.” This means that your technician is going to focus on reducing further damage to your home from the water destruction. This is why you should call us as soon as possible. The longer the water sits the more damage you will experience. Our technician will gather as much information from the homeowner as possible. Then he will evaluate what is needed.  This could include extracting the water with powerful pumps and vacuums, putting foam blocks under furniture, taking measurements for repair work, boarding up ceilings or walls and or setting up a containment wall.

Stay tuned for more information about phase two and three in later blogs. Please call our office with any questions at 602-362-4883!

If you are interested in designing or giving your landscape a face-lift, the city of Avondale, AZ offers Landscape Classes that focus on water conservation. You will learn how to create a lively, vibrant landscape that will reduce your use of this precious resource. There are even Spanish speaking classes available. You can view the information by clicking here.