Most homeowners have insurance on their home. They pay a monthly premium and assume that they are completely covered. But did you know that the majority of insurance policies do not cover water damage caused by rain storms, foundation issues and or sewer backups past the sewer trap on the outside of your property? Make sure you reach out to your insurance agent to confirm what your policy covers! Sewage related drying and repair jobs are the highest in cost. If you find yourself affected by water damage contact Phoenix Water Damage Services asap! We will respond within an hour and be the only company you need from start to finish.

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Did you know you can receive rebates if you are conserving water in Peoria, AZ? Water is a limited resource and you can do your part by conserving water usage at your home. You can use a high efficiency toilet, smart irrigation controller and install low water use landscaping by converting to Xeriscape. Click here to see the available rebates!