Our certified company has the experience needed to help homeowners in the unfortunate event of water damage. Time is critical in these situations.  Mold can start to grow between 24-48 hours! We use top of the line water restoration equipment to extract water and dry out your walls and flooring as fast as possible. Of course, there are several things you can do to help the situation until the professionals arrive:

  1. Find and turn off the water source.
  2. Soak up as much water as possible to dry out the exposed area or areas.
  3. Remove any wet furniture or belongings.
  4. Turn on your air conditioning or ceiling fans for max drying.

In the event you experience water damage in your home, make Phoenix Water Damage Services your first call at 602-362-4883!

Be proactive and check for leaks! Need help locating and reading your water meter in Gilbert, AZ? Just click here for instructions with pictures. You can also schedule an appointment for a free water efficiency check up with a water conservation specialist at 480-503-6098. For more information on water conservation go to Water.Conservation@gilbertaz.gov.